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Bryant Grove SSL Fix for Heartbleed Bug

Yes, this is a website for Bryant Grove’s Edmond apartments and townhomes for rent. And we personally invite you to come by and see our apartment community on six and a half acres of park-like grounds with big shady trees and a nice swimming pool to enjoy during those hot summer months that are just around the corner.

And this is not a technology or security blog space. It’s supposed to be primarily about our rentals, our apartment community and the City of Edmond, Oklahoma, but sometimes we drift from that to focus on other points of light.

Since we have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption enabled for every page and form here at the Bryant Grove website, and an error has recently been found in an important piece of SSL software, it’s important that we let you know what we’re doing about that security hole.

The short version is, it’s already fixed for this website.

Our website host notified us earlier today of the details on how to have our SSL Certificate reissued (replaced) with a new version that is not subject to the so-called “Heartbleed bug.”

They make it quite easy to initiate and verify the replacement certificate because they do all the heavy lifting. And now it’s done and that’s that.

This so-called bug has been in online and broadcast news stories lately and that may continue for a while. It’s a problem with a VERY popular piece of online security software, and everyone who goes online or does business online needs to do their part to correct this problem if it affects them.

Being safe may mean you have to change the password to some or all of the online accounts you use. Especially if you do online banking or store private information “in the cloud.”

Go to your institution’s home page and see if they have anything to say about the Heartbleed bug or OpenSSL. Then follow their instructions.

And if they tell you to change your password…CHANGE IT immediately!

Be safe, not sorry.