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Off Campus

UCO campus life includes rewarding social, cultural, sporting and educational opportunities that engage UCO students in and out of the classroom, as well as on and off the campus. It’s the off-campus opportunities we bring to light here.

This page is about nearby off-campus places and activities UCO students can experience or participate in while living in Edmond, Oklahoma, their university’s hometown.

Off-Campus Housing

Since renting apartments and townhomes in Edmond is what we do here at Bryant Grove, we want you to know we offer student-friendly apartments near UCO with great floor plans. Call (405) 341-2161 or contact us for availability. You’ll be happy you did.

Bryant Grove is on 6.5 acres of park-like grounds with big shady trees, and we’re your best value in off-campus housing just 4 minutes west of UCO. That makes us close enough to be convenient to classes and able to provide management services for residents who choose to live in our award-winning apartment community.

According the website, "UniversityParent empowers college parents with the information they need to maintain healthy relationships with their student and provide support throughout their student’s college experience."

UniversityParent also provides a nice off-campus housing guide for UCO where you can find close, student-friendly off-campus housing options and apartments near the University of Central Oklahoma. Their guide does include some of our student housing competitors, but we believe it’s a worthwhile service to include here.

Off-Campus Food

It’s obvious to say that national fast food chains like Starbucks, Subway, Quiznos, Taco Bell, etc abound in and around a university campus, so we’ll narrow our focus to 18 off-campus restaurants more original to Edmond and within a mile of the UCO campus.

Off-Campus Favorite Eateries

  • 3 Tequilas – 315 S Broadway, call (405) 216-0500
  • Around the Corner – 11 S Broadway, call (405) 341-5414
  • Boulevard Steakhouse – 505 S Boulevard St, call (405) 715-2333
  • Cafe 501 – 501 S Boulevard St, call (405) 359-1501
  • Cafe Evoke – 103 S. Broadway, call (405) 285-1522
  • Cafe Icon – 311 S Blackwelder Ave, call (405) 340-8956
  • Colby’s Grill – 511 S Broadway, call (405) 513-8590
  • Flatire Burgers – 318 E Ayers St, call (405) 359-2006
  • Haiget’s Restaurant – 308 W Edmond Rd, call (405) 341-4447
  • Hideaway Pizza – 116 E 5th St, call (405) 348-4777
  • Italian Jim’s Pizzeria – 13 S Broadway, call (405) 265-0919
  • McAlister’s Deli – 1021 E 2nd St, call (405) 340-3354
  • New York Pizza & Pasta – 1169 E 2nd St, call (405) 715-2626
  • Othello’s – 1 S Broadway, call (405) 330-9045
  • Papa Dino’s – 119 N University Dr, call (405) 341-4447
  • Simply Falafel – 343 S Blackwelder Ave, call (405) 341-4646
  • Skinny Slim’s Edmond – 128 E 5th St, call (405) 228-4000
  • Tao Cafe – 331 S Blackwelder Ave, call (405) 348-7777

We assume readers know what kind of food is served at each establishment, so that detail is absent from the list. And besides, it was enough work anyway. If you believe we have erred or a restaurant should be on or off this list, please let us know. The list is not carved in stone, just chiseled in electronic bits.

Off-Campus Golf

The UCO campus has a baseball field and softball field, a soccer field, football stadium and a lake, but no golf course. That’s understandable because golf courses take up a lot of acreage, require a lot of water and grounds keeping, and Edmond is famous for its golf courses anyway. So all golf played by the Bronchos men’s and women’s teams is played off campus whether traveling or at home, which is common for universities.

Edmond Golf Courses

  • Fairfax Golf Club – Members & Public
    2905 N Sooner Rd
    Edmond, OK 73034
    Call (405) 359-8333
  • Oak Tree National Golf Club – Private
    1515 West Oak Tree Drive
    Edmond, OK 73003
    Call (405) 348-2004
  • Rose Creek Golf Club – Private
    17031 N May Ave
    Edmond, OK 73012
    Call (405) 330-8220
  • Kicking Bird Golf Club – Public
    1600 E Danforth Rd
    Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
    Call (405) 341-5350
  • Coffee Creek Golf Club – Public
    4000 N Kelly Ave
    Edmond, Oklahoma 73003
    Call (405) 340-4653
  • River Oaks Golf Club – Private
    10909 Clubhouse Rd
    Edmond, Oklahoma 73013
    Call (405) 771-5800
  • East at Oak Tree Country Club – Private
    700 N Country Club Dr
    Edmond, Oklahoma 73003
    Call (405) 340-1010
  • West at Oak Tree Country Club – Private
    700 N Country Club Dr
    Edmond, Oklahoma 73003
    Call (405) 340-1010

And so we close our list of courses with golf quotes from two players who mastered the game. “Golf is deceptively simple, yet endlessly complicated.” — Arnold Palmer; and “Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.” — Sam Snead. That could be said about life too.

Other Off-Campus Activities

There is much more to do in Edmond whether you’re a college student or not. We’ll add a few items here that are linked to other pages and start with sports, recreation and fitness activities available at Kickingbird Tennis, Pelican Bay Aquatic Center, E. C. Hafer Park, and beautiful Arcadia Lake.

The other side of the activities coin is our Edmond culture guide which includes information on the Armstrong Auditorium, home to the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation. The Central Museum of Art & Design, hosted on the UCO campus. Shakespeare In The Park, performed by Edmond’s own Professional Classics Theatre Company in E.C. Hafer Park. Theatre A La Carte, the Edmond Historical Society Museum, and that ever resilient specimen of human culture, the Edmond Public Library.

What’s Coming Next

We are now looking at history in the making for the entire Edmond community, UCO students or not. What is it?

It’s the Edmond Economic Development Authority’s very own super sports complex aptly named the Summit Sports Complex which is expected to open in the Summer of 2015. That’s a little over a year from May, 2014, when this was written.

As the EEDA website describes it, “Summit Sports Complex will be among the premier indoor amateur sports venues in the United States. Located on the northeast corner of I-35 & Covell in Edmond, Oklahoma, the 155,000-square-foot multi-sport facility will be home to:

  • 8 regulation basketball courts
  • 16 regulation volleyball courts
  • 2 indoor soccer fields
  • Fitness and personal training
  • Medical and physical therapy services
  • 25,000-square-feet of viewing and lounge space
  • Casual and nutritional dining

Summit will provide a social impact on Oklahoma youth by providing programming for after-school and extracurricular activities, as well as:

  • Scholarship Programs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Non-profit Events
  • FCA Events
  • Church Events

Summit will have the capacity to run multiple events in different sports at the same time – under one roof.”

Way to go EEDA! It sounds fantastic. I want the parking concession. 🙂