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Local Edmond Walmart Supercenter

Local Edmond Walmart Supercenter

Local Edmond Walmart Supercenter

Our local Edmond Walmart supercenter is 3.1 miles from Bryant Grove, an easy drive of about 8 minutes from your front door. (drive route) This super Walmart near me, Supercenter #389 at 1225 W I-35 Frontage Rd, Edmond was second largest in the U.S. back in 2006. It’s probably not second largest now, but it is still REALLY BIG.

Sam’s Club

If you’re a Sam’s Club member, this Walmart in Edmond, OK is next door on Frontage Road. Depending on your route, you’ll go past it on your way to Walmart.

Local Edmond Walmart Supercenter Details

Here is an official Walmart link for current details of that particular superstore. That page includes a Find Items in This Store search box which helps shoppers get in and out in the quickest time with smart shopping. I’ll give them a 10 for that one.

It’s a well-assembled page with current pharmacy, pharmacy drive-through, photo center and pickup hours. A nifty graph of popular times at this store helps you know when to plan your visit and what to expect in the way of other people.

The Walmart building looks like a small city from the outside, and as you walk around you hopefully don’t get lost. It used to be open 24-hours, but that changed when everything changed March and April of 2020 for us all.

Quick Tip
Some departments, like their pharmacy, have limited hours of operation.

Walmart Frequent Phone Number

  • Store Phone (405) 348-8005
  • Pharmacy Phone (405) 348-3677
  • Photo Center Phone (405) 340-3426

At This Location

  • McDonald’s®
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery
  • Garden Center
  • Canopy Home Collection
  • Cell Phones, Plans & More
  • Photo Center
  • 1-Hour Photo Center
  • Same Day Pickup Photo Center
  • Site to Store&#8480
  • Pay In Person
  • L.e.i. Apparel
  • And Much More

Contact Us

Please feel free to call (405) 341-2161, or you can email us. Or call to schedule a tour today, then come visit. No cost to look, and you'll be happy you did.

Walmart details are believed accurate but not guaranteed and are subject to change.