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Welcome Allphase Real Estate Property Management

Bryant Grove has a new management company. Actually we changed management companies 90 days ago, and things have been busy all around since with Sue, Shelly and the Allphase team bringing themselves up to speed with our residents and the property. The prior management company, which was in place for 12 years, seemed to have lost interest, so it was time for a new management team. It was a cordial parting though, with no bad feelings on either side.

When I say Allphase, I’m referring to Allphase Real Estate, a local management company that specializes in property upgrades. Particularly in brining apartment communities up to their potential, and they have been working very hard getting Bryant Grove back on track.

So you’ll notice some changes. An all new staff for one, including office personnel and maintenance specialists. Changes can be disruptive sometimes, but it was definitely the right thing to do. Our new maintenance team is already taking care of long-standing problems from before the changeover. And you folks with approved applications who never heard from us, before the new team took over, and were never processed in as new residents, we sincerely apologize to you for that. There is no excuse for it.