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Website Makeover

The Bryant Grove website has completed a full makeover with new colors and new graphics for the Home page and all interior pages. After many years of features and pages being added here and there, the piecemeal approach wasn’t fitting together as well as the original site designer had envisioned. The site appearance and appeal had ‘gone off the rails’ so to speak.

The site had brown colors that were fresh and clean but didn’t fit in. Enough changes had been made over the years that it needed additional professional help, so the search began for the right people to fix that.

Eventually a color expert was found and hired for new graphics and to make the appearance more coordinated across the home and interior pages, and a code expert who had already done some fixes and updates was available, and he was scheduled to implement the site-wide changes.

Ben, the code expert, was hired through a company in Denmark, and he lives in Australia. The color expert and artist, Jill, and her company are in Hawaii. It was an international project with timezones that at times slowed communication due to our different sleep cycles, but we all agreed on what needed to be done.

The time it took in planning and execution was worth the wait, and the new site was finished and went live on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Thank you Ben and Jill for your talents, skills and contributions, and we all hope you, the public, like what you see in the new website, our community, townhomes and apartments for rent. Call (405) 341-2161 or email us. There is no cost to look, and you’ll be happy you did.

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