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New Site Launched

The new Bryant Grove Apartments & Townhomes website at has launched. The original version was built in 2010, thirteen years ago, and it sorely needed an update. But what it got was much more than an update. It’s a whole new code set, new design, and new functionality.

And what better day to launch than July 4th. Happy Independence Day everyone!

The site structure has completely changed. The code language has even change. And most fun of all, the entire look and feel (in website lingo, the UI) has completely change. Also all on-site photos and Edmond community photos are new as well. We paid for our website developer, ClearCode Software, to fly their lead programmer and photographer from California to Oklahoma to take some new Bryant Grove pictures and take some pictures of the Edmond community.

And new pictures we got. Fantastic new pictures! Many of which are in HDR format, which takes a lot of post-production work to bring out the details in all their glory.

So dear reader, please take take a look around. We’re obviously proud of the work, but if you find a mistake, a wrong word or something that doesn’t work right, please drop us a quick email and let us know. We’ll read everything you say because we want the new website to be as accurate and functional as it is beautiful.

We think it’s award-winning beautiful, and we hope you do too.

And hey, come take a look at our apartments and townhomes for rent too. The purpose of having this new website is to bring people to see and rent our apartments, right? And with having such a nice website like this, you just have to come and take a look, right?

We look forward to seeing you soon. You’ll be happy you came to visit, but don’t delay. We’re often 100% occupied…and that’s before this nice, new website was launched. 🙂