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Bryant Grove Laundry Information

To our Residents and future Residents,

UPDATE: June 6, 2019

Our new laundry equipment arrived Monday, June 3rd, and is installed and working. All except for one new dryer which was damaged in transit. What a great way to start off with all new equipment, but it happens. The laundry facility needs some finishing touches, still, we encourage our residents to give the new washers and dryers a go. The Bryant Grove laundry is for current residents only. Please.

Below posted May 2, 2019

Bryant Grove management fully understands the frustration expressed online by residents and non-residents about the Bryant Grove laundry. It’s been very frustrating for everyone—residents, management and the owner. And inaccurate information posted online doesn’t help anybody.

Over the past couple of years, service from the laundry vendor we leased equipment from began to go wobbly. We would make a service request and the time to respond became longer and longer. Eventually repairs stopped when the lease started to run out, which it did on January 15 of this year, 2019.

No one wanted to lose the laundry. Not our residents, not management, not the owner. But with the old equipment gone, management and the owner realized it was an opportunity to completely remodel the laundry facility and install all-new machines. We immediately began to interview other laundry vendors and read the terms of their 10-year leases but couldn’t make it work. We even offered them 100% of the laundry income but it still didn’t work.

The challenge is that Bryant Grove has several apartment homes with their own washer/dryer hookups. Historically all 3-bedroom townhomes have had their own washer/dryer hookup; nineteen 2-bedroom apartments also have their own washer/dryer hookup, and after the central laundry is back in operation we want to install more individual laundry hookups. Residents love the convenience.

The solution is for Bryant Grove to own the central laundry equipment. That way we’re able to retrofit as many apartment homes as we want with their own washer/dryer hookup and not violate any terms of a lease.

And that’s what we’re doing. The process has taken a lot longer than expected, but it has to be done right. We expect the Bryant Grove laundry to return no later than, and hopefully before the end of May. There could still be improvements in progress after opening, but we will reopen the laundry as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.