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Website Makeover

Posted on Jun 7, 2020

The Bryant Grove website has completed a full makeover with new colors and new graphics for the Home page and all interior pages. After many years of features and pages being added here and there, the piecemeal approach wasn’t fitting together as well as the original site designer had envisioned. The site appearance and appeal had ‘gone off the rails’ so to speak.

The site had brown colors that were fresh and clean but didn’t fit in. Enough changes had been made over the years that it needed additional professional help, so the search began for the right people to fix that.

Eventually a color expert was found and hired for new graphics and to make the appearance more coordinated across the home and interior pages, and a code expert who had already done some fixes and updates was available, and he was scheduled to implement the site-wide changes.

Ben, the code expert, was hired through a company in Denmark, and he lives in Australia. The color expert and artist, Jill, and her company are in Hawaii. It was an international project with timezones that at times slowed communication due to our different sleep cycles, but we all agreed on what needed to be done.

The time it took in planning and execution was worth the wait, and the new site was finished and went live on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Thank you Ben and Jill for your talents, skills and contributions, and we all hope you, the public, like what you see in the new website, our community, townhomes and apartments for rent. Call (405) 341-2161 or email us. There is no cost to look, and you’ll be happy you did.

Management and Owner


March 18, 2020 COVID-19 Resident Letter

Posted on Mar 21, 2020

Dear Residents,

The March 19, 2020 Resident letter is rather long and detailed, so it’s being made available here online in PDF format which all modern computers, tablets and mobile phones can read. You should have already received a copy, but if you have not and cannot read this PDF version, please call the office at (405) 341-2161 and ask for a different copy. Thank you for your cooperation. We’re all in this together.

Management and Owner


Posted on Mar 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

Dear Residents,

With the recent news regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus 2019, we are all concerned about the effects that this virus may have on each and every one of us. It is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person and was first identified during an outbreak in Wuhan, China. We want to do whatever we can to prevent this disease from spreading among our employees, residents and friends.

You should have already received the attached Resident notice and accompanying EPA List of Registered Disinfectants. They are provided here in PDF format for you to read or review again if you want. It is important that we all work together for the safety and benefit of us all.

Thank you for being our Resident,

Management and Owner

Freeze Warning Tips For Residents

Posted on Feb 6, 2020

When temperatures are forecast to be below 32 °F, water pipes can freeze, burst, and
cause a great deal of damage. Help protect your apartment home by taking these steps
during a freeze:

  • Let your faucets drip! Run both hot and cold water in a very fine stream in each of your apartment’s faucets: kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bath tubs, showers, etc.
  • Open your cupboards! Leave the cabinet doors under all sinks open so that the pipes will be ventilated with warm air. Leaving the bathroom and kitchen doors open helps too.
  • Heat your home! If you leave for the day (or an extended period of time) do not turn the heat completely off. Turn it on, set to the lowest setting you wish (60° is recommended).
  • Be alert! If you see anything unusual – for example if your water does not come on, or if you see water leaking anywhere in or around your apartment building, notify the rent office and the maintenance team immediately!

Bryant Grove Laundry Information

Posted on Jun 6, 2019

To our Residents and future Residents,

UPDATE: June 6, 2019

Our new laundry equipment arrived Monday, June 3rd, and is installed and working. All except for one new dryer which was damaged in transit. What a great way to start off with all new equipment, but it happens. The laundry facility needs some finishing touches, still, we encourage our residents to give the new washers and dryers a go. The Bryant Grove laundry is for current residents only. Please.

Below posted May 2, 2019

Bryant Grove management fully understands the frustration expressed online by residents and non-residents about the Bryant Grove laundry. It’s been very frustrating for everyone—residents, management and the owner. And inaccurate information posted online doesn’t help anybody.

Over the past couple of years, service from the laundry vendor we leased equipment from began to go wobbly. We would make a service request and the time to respond became longer and longer. Eventually repairs stopped when the lease started to run out, which it did on January 15 of this year, 2019.

No one wanted to lose the laundry. Not our residents, not management, not the owner. But with the old equipment gone, management and the owner realized it was an opportunity to completely remodel the laundry facility and install all-new machines. We immediately began to interview other laundry vendors and read the terms of their 10-year leases but couldn’t make it work. We even offered them 100% of the laundry income but it still didn’t work.

The challenge is that Bryant Grove has several apartment homes with their own washer/dryer hookups. Historically all 3-bedroom townhomes have had their own washer/dryer hookup; nineteen 2-bedroom apartments also have their own washer/dryer hookup, and after the central laundry is back in operation we want to install more individual laundry hookups. Residents love the convenience.

The solution is for Bryant Grove to own the central laundry equipment. That way we’re able to retrofit as many apartment homes as we want with their own washer/dryer hookup and not violate any terms of a lease.

And that’s what we’re doing. The process has taken a lot longer than expected, but it has to be done right. We expect the Bryant Grove laundry to return no later than, and hopefully before the end of May. There could still be improvements in progress after opening, but we will reopen the laundry as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Nice 2 Bedroom Vacancy

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

RENTED Come in today to view your new home. This vacancy is #222 which is a 2 bedroom floor plan with one and a half baths in a spacious 840 square feet of living space that includes a great living room, and it’s waiting for you.

Enter into your new spacious living room with nice carpet throughout, and the dining are, kitchen and both bathrooms feature attractive plank-style flooring that’s easy to keep clean.

This vacant two-bedroom apartment includes a walk-in closet, central heat and air conditioning, ceiling fan, and is cable TV and high-speed internet ready. The kitchen is equipped with all white appliances for the dishwasher, frost-free refrigerator, stove and oven, and it of course has a garbage disposal.

This apartment home requires a deposit of $300.00 and has a $35.00 application fee per adult. Please call me, Misha, today at [contentblock id=phone-link] so we can get you moved in tomorrow. This vacancy is ready to go. Most small are welcome. Please ask about yours before you apply.