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Citylink Edmond Public Transportation

Citylink Edmond is a superb public transportation system with free rides and transfers. You can subscribe to Citylink Edmond alerts.

CAP (Citylink Access Paratransit) is a FREE curb-to-curb service that enables mobility-limited residents to be picked up and comfortably driven to destinations within Edmond city limits. There is currently no Citylink stop near us, but to request a CAP application call (405) 509-6370.

Citylink Edmond Transfer Center

The Citylink Edmond Transfer Center is located in beautiful downtown Edmond at the Festival Marketplace, one block west of Broadway on First Street.

Citylink Edmond Map and Schedule Graphics

citylink-map-thumbFirst try the Live Shuttle Tracker for the Citylink Edmond public transportation system. In the left column you can select only Running routes or All routes. If you subscribe (free), you can mark desired routes and stops as favorites.

You can subscribe to Citylink Edmond alerts for detours, route changes and important messages by entering your email address on their page here. You first need to sign in to subscribe.

All Citylink buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and bike racks. Rides and transfers are free!

Free Wi-Fi service is available on the Expresslink buses as well as throughout Downtown Edmond. The entire Citylink fleet is fueled with clean alternative fuels.

Citylink Edmond Holidays

Citylink observes and will be closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call (405) 341-2161, or you can email us. Or call to schedule a tour today, then come visit. No cost to look, and you'll be happy you did.

Food Delivery • Hail a Car Ride

We were going to add an Edmond Taxi company but couldn't find one to recommend. 🙁

Food Delivery

  • DoorDash - Get breakfast, lunch, dinner and more
  • Uber Eats - Search for a favorite restaurant, cuisine, or dish

Hail a Car Ride

  • Lyft – Ride call and rideshare
  • Uber – Ride call and rideshare

Meet the driver, wearing your mask, where you can and where you feel personally comfortable. Personal safety is always important. Lyft and Uber require an app on a smartphone and they need your credit card information. These services are not free.

After you request a ride and before you hop in, take a moment and follow these three steps with your ride-call app to make sure you get into the right vehicle: (1) Match the license plate number. (2) Match the car make and model. (3) Check the driver’s photo.

Edmond School Buses

Edmond public schools run approximately 70 regular bus routes and 20 special education routes every day school is open with a stop in front of Bryant Grove.

“Edmond Public Schools is excited to announce text messaging service for middle school and high school bus riders and their parents. Text messaging allows us to deliver important information about school closings, bus delays and more via SMS text messaging through our School Messenger system-the same system currently being used to send automated phone calls. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete.”

Hat Tip to the Edmond Public Schools transportation page for the above statement and how to sign up.

Please drive carefully near a school bus and always watch for children.